About Us

Butterfly House Sardinia is a theme park covering 5 hectares, located in the countryside of Olmedo, just a few miles from Alghero.

Awash with the colours and fragrances of the Mediterranean vegetation, the Butterfly House itself is the heart of the park and its main attraction. This is the only biosphere on the island of Sardinia, in which hundreds and tropical butterflies flutter around and reproduce.

A visit to the park combines a wealth of different experiences: an immersion into the complex and spectacular ecosystem of the rainforest, but also relaxation and fun for young and old alike.

You can easily spend a whole day at Butterfly House Sardinia, stopping for a dip in the pool or to savour the simple, authentic dishes on offer, or even just strolling across the meadows and the Mediterranean maquis in search of the Rose Garden – a quiet corner of the park that contains, alongside helichrysum and lantana, a carefully selected collection of roses that flower throughout the entire period during which the park is open.

Youngsters can have great fun in our large, modern play park, featuring a pirate ship, a train and various slides.

The park and the buildings – which benefit from biological pest control and systems geared towards reducing water consumption – were created thanks to the salvaging of materials from former flower nurseries, using reclaimed wood from construction projects and stone recovered from the reclamation of farmland.

Orario di apertura

Dalle 10.00 alle 18.00

Ultimo orario utile per l’ingresso alla biosfera: 17.00